Vineyard stone crushers – BPL / BPL-FEquipment for Vine

Movable hammers BPL / Fixed hammers BPL-F

  • Made from high-quality steels.
  • Synchronised mechanical belt drive.
  • Hydraulic rear door.
  • BPL is fitted with movable replaceable or carbide hammers.
  • BPL-F is fitted with fixed carbide hammers.

Our products in action

Technical specifications

TypeWorking widthOverall widthEquipmentPTO speedTransmissionPowerWeight
BPL1,36 m1,45 m21 mobile hammers540 rpmSynchronous belt drive60-80 hp875 kg
BPL-F1,36 m1,45 m21 fixed hammers540 rpmSynchronous belt drive60-80 hp950 kg

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