Reversible scarifierMatériel Forestier

Makes the soil once again receptive to natural regeneration in difficult conditions due to exposure, acidity, non-decomposed humus, compacted soil, slopes, grass cover, etc.

Whatever presents an obstacle to sowing is scraped to one side without being reintroduced within the soil. The soil can then be clawed up to a depth of 40cm if required.

The work is performed mechanically by strip or by area. The reversible scarifier can work on a sown or cluttered surface. Residual materials etc.

It also prevents ferns by removing rootstocks.

Technical specifications

ReferenceWorking depthWorking widthWeightType of digger
SR 240 cm72 cm110 kg2T5 to 4T
SR 561 cm117 cm320 kg5T to 10T

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