Chisels Moroccan Tines – DM 30/35/50Matériel pour l'Agriculture

  • Ploughing.
  • Forged shanks with special steel.
  • 50 cm working depth.
  • Standard crumbling rollers on the DM 50-17.
  • Standard road signage on the DM 50-17.
  • NS type reinforced chassis.

Technical specifications

TypeNumber of tinesDistance between tines LongitudinalDistance between tines TransversalUnderbeam clearanceChassis widthWeight
DM 30-55127 cm67,50 cm73 cm3,00 m730 kg
DM 30-77127 cm45 cm73 cm3,00 m870 kg
DM 35-99127 cm40 cm73 cm3,50 m1180 kg
DM 35-1111127 cm32 cm73 cm3,50 m1320 kg
DM 50-1717127 cm33 cm75 cm5,00 m (foldable*)3715 kg

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  • Hydraulic folding