Stone crushers- BPS 200/250/300Matériel pour l'Agriculture Matériel pour les Travaux Publics

Fixed hammers

  • Freewheel clutch housing and rear deflector pads.
  • The tractor should be equipped with 2 dual-action hydraulic PTOs, one for the rear door and the other for adjusting the anvil.
  • Automatic central lubrication system on BPS 250 3 series and BPS 300 as standard.
  • Trough protection plates as standard.

Key features of the KIRPY BPS

  • Low-cost fixed hardened steel hammers or carbide hammers for tougher jobs.
  • Reinforced, large diameter rotor for excellent depth and throughput.
  • Hydraulically adjustable anvil for selecting particle size.
  • Dual rotor drive and automatic belt tension.
  • Hydraulic expansion flap.
  • Interchangeable pads for deeper tasks.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Automatic central lubrication system (BPS 250/3 and BPS 300 series).
  • Fully interchangeable interior casing made from special steel.
  • Working depth: 20/25cm.

Technical specifications

TypeNumber of hammersNumber of beltsPTO speedWorking widthPowerWeight
BPS 200242 x 4 SPC 22401000 rpm2,00 m150-160 hp3060 kg
BPS 250/3322 x 5 HFX 22401000 rpm2,50 m200-250 hp4200 kg
BPS 300402 x 5 HFX 22401000 rpm3,00 m250-300 hp5250 kg

Download catalogues

All of the stone crushers come equipped with a transmission (specify the size and number of tractor side splines).
Note: Crushers BPS 200, BPS 250 and BPS 300 come equipped with 6 or 20 Spline 1 3/4″ transmissions. (The manufacturer may not be held liable for using 1 3/8″ transmissions.)