Multifunction SubsoilerMatériel Forestier

Planting in the regrowth

For covering plants, protecting them against climatic extremes and from being eaten, and to improve their condition.

  • Plugged holes created, 65cm deep, with a concave surface for soil filtration or convex for hydromorphic soil.
  • Simple subsoiling with lateral bulking, in normal soil at a depth of 65cm.
  • Strip subsoiling on cleared soil at a depth of 65cm, width of 1m to 1.40m, on the surface soil.
  • Subsoiling with back furrows, on cleared soil at a depth of 65cm, width between 1m and 2m, in very difficult, wet, destructured soil or lacking topsoil.

SUBSOILER in action

Technical specifications

ReferenceWorking depthWeightType of diggerComb width
SSM265 cm100 kg2T5 to 4T65 cm
SSM565 cm180 kg5T to 10T105 cm

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