KIRPY production unit

Always at the cutting edge of technology, for over 100 years now KIRPY has been able to adapt to new production techniques by installing the very latest high-performance plant.

KIRPY designs and manufactures all of its products at its factories in Layrac and Andancette (GRENIER-FRANCO).

The perfect control throughout the production process ensures the unbeatable quality of its products and spare parts.

We personally ensure the forging and thermal treatment of our wearing parts.

With its dynamic and innovative Design Department exploiting the company’s vast experience, KIRPY continually produces products offering ever higher performance levels in response to market demand.

All the machines exiting production are 100% made in France and we are proud to be able to offer and sell our machines in the four corners of the world.

  • Design Department

  • Metal sheet folding

  • Machining of parts

  • Forging of parts

  • Welding of parts

  • Paint workshop

  • Parts assembly