Organic farming cultivators – NRBMatériel pour la Vigne

Makes it possible to alternate between working:
solely at the base of plants in grassed in rows, or over all rows without grass cover.
Hydraulic spacing of inter-stock supports as standard.

  • Adaptation plate for specific inter-stock (please consult us).
  • Hydraulic front end spread: cylinder stroke 200mm as standard, 300mm stroke available on request.

Technical specifications

Viticulture ModelWeightFront end widthOverall widthRoller widthWorking width
3 NRB 2R465 kg1,00 to 1,40 m1,00 to 1,40 m1,00 m0,85 m
5 NRB 2R Narrow585 kg1,00 to 1,40 m1,30 to 1,70 m1,30 m1,00 to 1,50 m
5 NRB 2R600 kg1,20 to 1,60 m1,44 to 1,86 m1,40 m1,15 to 1,65 m
7 NRB 2R685 kg1,60 to 2,00 m1,60 to 2,10 m1,60 m1,50 to 2,00 m

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