KIRPY, a historic company going back over 100 years

Founded in 1912 by Mr GARRIC, KIPRY enjoyed its first success with the construction of a special plough, the “Décavaillonneuse“, used by melon farmers to replace work previously carried out by hand.

The first ploughs were manufactured at the locksmiths and vehicle repair yard run my Mr POCQ in the centre of Layrac. It met with immediate success. After the region’s wine growers, KIRPY ploughs become widespread throughout France. André GARRIC chose the trading name KIRPY by fusing the familiar forms of his wife’s and son’s names.

After a fire that destroyed a section of the factory, Mr GARRIC extended the factory by building 3 new units housing forging, machining, tooling and assembly, in addition to a number of warehouses, including one for spare parts.

Thanks to the dynamism of Mr GARRIC, KIRPY ploughs were exported worldwide.
Beginning in 1918, KIRPY vineyard ploughs were used in the vineyards of California.