Forest Ridger Culti 3BMatériel Forestier

Quick and effective soil preparation

Used to create a ridge of variable width between 1.20m and 1.80m at a height of between 0.20m and 0.50m above natural ground level depending on the number of passes.

Why this particular design?
For working in the centre of the ridge with the subsoiler at between 0.50m and 0.60m below natural ground level and then earthing up to obtain a half-turned furrow without disturbing the soil horizon.

Effects of the 3B Technique:

  • Soil is decompacted at depth.
  • Soil is bulked up and not blown about.
  • The 3B technique provides for excellent implantation of the plants and their root system.
  • The narrow ridges provide a lateral shelter and forest ambience for young plants.
  • For strong plant growth in the first years with limited maintenance.

Technical specifications

ReferenceWorking widthWorking depthDiscsWeight
CULTI 3B2,40 m70 cmø 802400 kg

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